Visual Wilderness Collaboration - markmetternich

Check out my new Video Tutorial!

In Collaboration with Visual Wilderness we present ....

* This video is offered exclusively through Visual Wilderness until further notice



Instant access to downloadable video files.

2 teaching videos for nature photographers who want to to optimize their nature photos for social media platforms.

110+ minutes of video content – In-depth explanations, examples, & workflow.

Clear, step-by-step process that will allow you to create stunning photos for social media platforms.

TIFF file & Photoshop Action is included for practice.


Find out how to optimize your photos based on specific background colors for optimal online sharing. Learn about color management standards to bring out the best in your landscape photos for online display… and even printing.

Explore advanced post-processing techniques such as luminosity & color blending, grain simulation, custom sharpening, and more. Get the facts on web size and resolution standards, and how to optimize your landscape photos for individual websites.

See how pros use advanced sharpening techniques to bring out detail & texture in their photos.

Discover how building your own sharpening actions in Photoshop can save time.


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