Mark Metternich's The Ultimate Video Tutorial Series

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Cut through the massive misinformation and learn from THE EXPERT!

With 20 years of full-time intensive study and practical application mastering and teaching all things Post-Processing : Lightroom, Camera Raw, Photoshop and Master Print Making.

Very few others have both the combination of top-level expertise and teaching skills. 

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***New Video Tutorial****"

The Ultimate Photoshop Color Separation/Color Variation Techniques"

($69) 1.5 hours 


You will receive a downloadable mp4 video file that will never expire enabling you to view offline anytime.70+ minutes of video content - detailed examples with full explanations and workflow.

This will provide you with a cutting edge, precise  and easy to follow process that will enable you to create images full of color variation without artifact and damaging your files.


Most photographers don’t know that RGB makes many “like” colors the same. There is nothing that can break apart colors and vastly increase color separation and variety like careful use of Photoshop’s LAB Mode.

In this power packed some odd hour video tutorial, Mark Metternich takes you through the simplest yet most powerful way to increase color variation, color separation and even expand color gamut with just a few simple steps.Learn how to correct color casts and dramatically increase color variation in your precious color photographs in a way  that cannot be replicated in any other software.


70 minutes 



Instant access to downloadable video files.

A 2-part teaching video for photographers who want to absolutely optimize their photos for various social media platforms.

110+ minutes of video content – In-depth explanations, examples, & workflow.

A clear, step-by-step process that will allow you to create stunning photos for social media platforms with optimal sharpness and color management.

TIFF file & Photoshop Action is included for practice.


Find out how to optimize your photos based on specific background colors for optimal online sharing. Learn about color management standards to bring out the best in your landscape photos for online display… and even printing.

Explore advanced post-processing techniques such as luminosity & color blending, grain simulation, custom sharpening, and more. Get the facts on web size and resolution standards, and how to optimize your landscape photos for individual websites.

See how pros use advanced sharpening techniques to bring out detail & texture in their photos. Discover how building your own sharpening actions in Photoshop can save time.

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4 hours 10 minutes



***The NEW, completely remade from scratch, most popular video tutorial to date! Camera Raw and the Raw adjustments in Lightroom (Develop Tab) are still the very best in the business!

For those wanting excellence in their photography, the raw converter is an absolute must to master!

This is a totally clean, loss-less, artifact-free space inextricably connected to all the original data your camera captured. One main "secret" to masterful quality photography and clean, incredibly detailed master printmaking is getting every drop out of the raw converter!

There are no exceptions to this. In this most comprehensive, power-packed 4+ hour video tutorial no stone is left unturned!

Digital Imaging Specialist Mark Metternich will take you through ALL the tools in raw to help you take your raw processing to the highest level desired or possible. Intelligent custom default settings (presets) will be discussed in length to have a much better base to begin adjustments, as well as an exhaustive workflow in Raw on several images to help teach various full approaches to mastering every facet of raw processing to produce an image that is excellent, even before entering Photoshop!

A truly generous amount of free techniques are added throughout the video such as Color Management, Various Blending methods, Raw Smart Objects, Color Balancing, Localized work in Layers and so much more! *See below for recent testimonials about the video.


Volume 1

3 Hours



With the power of today's Raw Converters (such as Adobe Lightroom) IS PHOTOSHOP REALLY NECESSARY to get the best quality from our precious photos? ABSOLUTELY YES!

There have been documented at least 65-100 critical things a photographer CANNOT do in any Raw converter, that will allow between 30-50% improved quality in anyone's precious images, whether they are “purists” or creative in their post-processing approach. Yet, today more than ever, people are starting to avoid Photoshop because of its complexity.

In this "BASICS" series, Mark takes the viewer through many bare-bones basics with a very non-intimidating, easy to understand teaching style.

Along the way, there are a few intermediate and advanced techniques thrown in just for fun! Volume 1 will be followed by many more in this series because of the sheer volume of power and techniques Photoshop allows the photographer. Jump in and begin to get up to speed in Photoshop for awesome imagery, with PHOTOSHOP BASICS - NO MORE INTIMIDATION!

To peer into the content of this video tutorial (pre-purchase) a table of contents can be provided by contacting Mark directly at:


5.5 Hours



The very long-awaited (2 years in the making) Video Tutorial on Mark's COMPLETE workflow on an image is finally available to the public.

Mark takes a series of 10 focus stacked images and takes you step by step through every process from Raw Capture to the finished product. Nothing is held back! More processes are taught in this intensive video tutorial than can be described here, yet with Marks's approach, things are kept simple and not overly complex.

The Video comes in 7 - 45-minute parts (total 5.5 hrs) all with their separate table of contents of the techniques taught in each section. Every image a photographer works on brings out different needs, approaches, and techniques. Mark chose this image specifically for its unique set of needs for maximum teaching benefit.

This video is higher resolution than previous Mark Metternich Videos and the Audio has also been dramatically improved as well. Watch an image start as a washed-out, bland image (not representing what was seen) to an image with all the authentic punch and pop (optimized) of the dramatic moment of light witnessed.

Also, learn Marks's different takes on Art / Photography / Philosophy and the future of photography, along the way. The content and techniques taught in this power-packed Video Tutorial is a steal at $99


1 Hour 17 minutes



One of the true “next levels” to excellence in landscape post-processing comes with the power and mastery of controlling skies separate from land adjustments. This unprecedented power opens an entire can of worms for control, creativity, and correction. In this short but powerful video tutorial, you will learn revolutionary sky techniques that will enable you to take your work to a whole other level.

Whether you are a “literalist” who wants more correction and clean up or a “creativist” who wants total sky power and control, this video will open up a world of possibilities. In this tutorial, you will learn things such as, but not limited to: * Separating skies from land.

* The “Threshold Technique.” * Separate fine-tuned adjustments to sky and land. * Tucking skies below the horizon line to clean up artifacting. * Fine tuning selection edges. * Advanced “Color Balance” techniques. * Expanding, Skewing, Warping... skies. * Filling in problematic sky areas. * Compositing. * Redefining horizon lines. * Cleaning up artifacting. * Mimicking natural horizon line feathering. * The power of the Quick Selection tool.


1 Hour 15 minutes



There is growing confusion in the photographic community today of what actually constitutes an "original" Raw file! Is it what you see on the back of your camera when you take a photo? Absolutely not! Can intelligently adjusting or developing a Raw file in the Raw converter get us much closer to what a scene actually looked like? Absolutely! Are Raw adjustments and Photoshop really "altering" an image?

What does a truly unaltered Raw file actually look like?

What kinds of major alterations have been done to your "original" Raw file before you see it either on the back of your camera or when it comes up in default settings in a Raw converter like Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw...? Do the sliders that indicate "0" really mean "0"? No! Has nothing really been done to the file? No!

The confusion around these types of questions and much more are met head-on in an easy to understand fashion. For some, this video will be truly eye-opening. The second part of the video is about taking the awesome and wonderful responsibility of building your own intelligent custom presets instead of letting a brainless camera do a sub-par job for you.

Even if you are a "purist" you will see how a much better and much more "real" image can start out in your Raw converter, even if your aim is minimal post-processing. Even if your aim is total optimization or even wild creativity, you will see how to cut down your precious time in workflow and get much better results from the start!



2+ hours



Truly mastering the various processes for print can be a daunting task sometimes even intimidating. But it is also incredibly rewarding to produce a spectacular art piece from our precious images.

In this video, veteran master printmaker and digital imaging specialist Mark Metternich helps take the viewer through sometimes incredibly complicated jargon and techniques but makes them both "real world" and easy to apply!

This video is for anyone wanting to improve the quality of their precious prints or even completely perfect the print process. Segments dealt with are Color Space Options Soft-proofing in Camera Raw Soft-proofing in Lightroom Print vs Web Calibration Monitor Choices for Critical Editing Working Space Background Choices Evaluating the Critical Hard Proof Dealing With Labs De-saturating Tip Gamut Warning Price Structuring Lab / Paper / Mounting Recommendations *See below for recent testimonials about the video.


Mark Metternich and Robert Park will take you through two intensive days of post-processing and hands-on instruction ALL THE WAY FROM CAPTURE TO PRINT with complete workflow optimization for every step enabling you to produce printed work of the highest possible quality.




3+ hours



Any serious fine art printmaker knows that SHARPENING is one of the very most important aspects of workflow to draw out detail and make a master quality print. In fact, entire books have been written about the subject.

There is a wide variety of ways to sharpen for fine art printing and the issue is very complicated with much opinion and misinformation.

This video takes Marks 10 years of full time intensive, exhaustive study on the subject of sharpening and combines it with his privileged position of making top end, fine art gallery prints for countless talented nature photographers. Mark is a digital imaging specialist with extra expertise in master printmaking and especially sharpening protocol and in this 3+ hour video he holds nothing back!

The video, effortlessly, takes the viewer through a 5 stage sharpening system that he himself teaches his Skype students and also employs for top end fine art clients. Mark also shares a load of valuable extra information along the way.

For any serious printmaker (from beginner to master printmaker) desiring the very best quality workflow, this may be the best sharpening video on the market. The techniques drawn from it come only from the greatest gurus in the business. *See below for recent testimonials about the video.

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1 hour 45 minutes



When used with advanced methods and great care Orton, Dreamy or Highlight Glow types of effects are often a wonderful secret weapon in the arsenal of advanced landscape and nature photographers.

The video tutorial "Mastering Orton / Dreamy and Highlight Glow Effects" gives a general layout of the development and history of Orton / Dreamy and Highlight Glow types of effects in digital post-production and takes the viewer through a diversity of approaches (from simple to advanced) that have been developed by various top photographers over time.

Laid out are the most flexible and least destructive ways to use various global and localized glow effects. Also laid out is a very creative and unusual way to easily create your own custom personalized effects.

Everything is hit on in the video including 3rd party effects like Nik and various approaches to layer masking. *See below for recent testimonials about the video.



1 1/2 hours



Mark Metternich has been a pioneer in focus stacking/blending for over a decade now. Having been working full time with these techniques (including manual blending) and teaching them, he has been ahead of the game with many methods just now getting popular with modern photographers looking to enhance the quality of their work.

In this fabulous, info-packed 1-1/2 hour video Mark takes the somewhat complex and often challenging techniques (both in the field as well as behind the computer in post-production) and makes them simple enough to easily employ in your own photography to overcome the limitations of your camera and lenses.

You can now produce stunningly sharp and amazingly detailed images from the closest foreground object to the furthest reaches of the background. These techniques greatly enhance the quality of any photography including any serious printmakers' work.

Methods will be discussed for Adobe Lightroom, Camera Raw, and Photoshop workflows. With Mark's easy to understand teaching style you will be well on your way to stunningly sharp images with a maximum depth of field in no time at all! Many extra goodies are shared along the way. *See below for recent testimonials about the video.



90 minutes



When used to their full potential, the Layer Style "Blend If" sliders are "holy grail" of advanced blending in Photoshop!

They are some of the least understood, least used, least exploited, yet most powerful and easiest ways to deal with many blending issues, including dynamic range.

Instead of complicated layer masks, they have the ability to replace most masking techniques for quick and easy, real-time dynamic range blending.

If you like simplicity, yet not at the cost of sacrificing power, "Blend If' is for you! In this 1 ½ hour intensive video tutorial, digital imaging specialist Mark Metternich takes you, step by step, through the general workflow for easy, advanced blending for dynamic range using the “Blend If” sliders.

5 separate images (with different needs) are all taken through the workflow and both highlights and shadows are repaired in an easy, clean and lossless manner. Other techniques using “Blend If” are touched on, including subtle advanced Dodging and Burning. *See below for recent testimonials about the video.


3 hours 15 minutes



The most powerful and comprehensive web sharpening video has arrived on the market! With a myriad of sharpening techniques out there including third party programs, it can be very hard to cut through the clutter and figure out what the very best techniques are and how to have TOTAL CONTROL of sharpening for web presentation.

Ultimate Web Sharpening takes the viewer through the evolution of fine art sharpening for web and, step by step shows how we have arrived at where we are today. Then the video takes a refreshing turn, by cutting through the clutter and laying out what many of the top photographers are doing today to truly maximize their web sharpening.

This video is not a one-button push for good web images. What it is, is a comprehensive look at, and approach to getting the very most out of fine web sharpening.

Although the video does give general linear steps to follow to maximize workflow, it also greatly encourages creative, custom, experimentation of the techniques/tools to find your own “best” way to use the best tools we have today for web sharpening, with some critical secret twists. The video is 3 hours 15 minutes.

Major sections:

1. Intro

2. The Evolution of Web Sharpening

3. Intermediate Pre-Sharpening (Mark Adamus's innovative contribution)

4. Capture Sharpening

5. Workflow Steps Listed 6. General Introduction into the Basic Workflow

7. Bonus Section: Grain Simulation

8. The New Smart Sharpen

9. The Camera Raw Filter - Deconvolution Sharpening

10. How it all comes together

11. Fast and Easy

12. Last Bonus Section Threshold Masking

13. Actions

14. Summary *See below for recent testimonials about the video.



"Really, really really great tutorials Mark! I'm finally understanding PS and have years of learning to do, but I am on the right track and won't be butchering the shi* out of my files any longer... Thank you so much for making such complete tutorials!" -Mike Shoys

Another extraordinary tutorial Mark! I have 7 of your Video Tutorials and compared to the many tutorials I have purchased from other artists, yours blow them out of the water by far! Thanks for your expertise, dedication, and willingness to share your knowledge with the rest of us. I really look forward to a tutorial on processing night shots ie. Milky Way astrophotography. Thanks again! Nima S

"Hi Mark, I just want to thank you! Your video "Mastering Fine Art Printing and Color Management" was absolutely awesome!!! Epic-ness and it truly helped me a lot! It is a great video so well explained! Thank you for taking the time to produce your video tutorials. I will be coming back for more of your videos in the near future until then best wishes and happy shooting! -Wayne Saunders

"Hi Mark, I’ve bought and studied a few of your videos now, and I can’t tell you how helpful they’ve been, especially Sharpening for Print!!!" -Victor Carreiro

"My processing has come 180 degrees since I bought you videos... So stoked!!! Aloha!" Nick Selway (Lava Light Galleries - Hawaii)

"Hey Mark just wanted to say that your post processing videos are on a whole other level... I have been going back through many of my old images and reprocessing them and it’s night and day! Thank you so much for doing such an AMAZING job and sharing it with all of us photographers. Aloha!" Nick Selway (Lava Light Galleries, Hawaii)

"Dear Mark: I can not thank you enough for what I learned from you in the Camera Raw video and the Ultimate Sharpening for Printing video. I have been studying and working diligently for the past three years to understand and master digital post processing. No seminar, you-tube video, or book that I have purchased comes close to delivering what you share in these teaching videos. I am so grateful to learn about destructive processing in photo-shop and how Lightroom is the safer way to do raw processing. Some of my images were just not worthy of being printed until I reworked them using your camera raw formula. I think that I have been able to convert a few of my images into true master-craft prints because of your videos. I feel so grateful for what I learned from you and think I advanced several years in one weekend. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Mark!!! Best wishes to you and all those you hold dear." David Martin

"Mark, I was very skeptical at first about buying your post processing videos mainly because of the cost, but it was definitely money well spent! The last few prints I have made are STELLAR thanks to what I learned from you! Thank you!" - JM

Hi Mark. I have been printing my work for several years now. Up until yesterday -- after I watched your video: "THE ULTIMATE SHARPENING WORKFLOW FOR FINE ART PRINTING" -- I had often left the interpolation process to Genuine Fractals (or similar). Your video on the subject was straight forward, to the point, enjoyable, and easy to follow! After employing what I learned in your video, I prepared my image for printing and sent it to the printer this morning. Will be nice to be in full control of my enlarging -- rather than relying on the printer (who is very capable, by the way) to do it for me. Anyhow, just wanted to say great job on the video! Keep up the great work. Mark Handy

"Hi, Mark: I just wanted to say thank you for sending the video links to me earlier this week, I finally got them downloaded and watched the two sharpening videos (web and print). for print videos. You are an excellent teacher, explaining everything carefully and clearly. I love your teaching style and you definitely know your subject! I am looking forward to watching the other videos too. Also, I enjoyed learning about your background and all the different things that you do to make a living as a full time professional landscape photographer!" David Martin

"Your Video Tutorial for "Blend If" (Blending for Dynamic Range Made Easy - Blend if) was AWESOME bro! I'm certainly using this method now! The power of it is IMMENSE! See you later destructive Luminosity Masks!" Jason Mordecai

"Hi Mark, If I could review your videos in two words, it would be "no compromises"! Too much dynamic range? Blending Made Easy. Too much depth of field? Focus Stacking... Anyway, I have appreciated your videos and have considered them money very well spent!" Kyle Jones

"There is no shortage of content and instruction on the internet. Choosing a teacher is as important, if not more important, than assimilating everything that you can find. I've learned more from Mark’s tutorials and applied his lessons to more of my work than I've learned from any other tutorial on post production. The hours I spend in post are 10x more productive than they were just a year ago. Mark has provided above and beyond support to me; I could not ask for a better teacher!!! A few hours before I asked you for a critique I told my sister that I needed to start this photo over. I just didn't know where to begin. Thank you so much, and I hope to share a newly minted image soon!" Jason Matias

"Mark, thank you so much for all your help and your awesome videos! My latest photo made it to #4 on 500px yesterday and I know that was a direct result of what I have learned from your videos!!! I believe your videos are the very best on the market today and I hope everyone serious about getting their post production up finds out about them!" Sincerely, Brian Strock

"Hey Mark, I just wanted to say thank you for your Video Tutorials. My photography has felt stagnant for a long time and average at best. I have been following and appreciating your work for a while. I have been drawing inspiration from your work but I could never put together an image that I was truly happy with. I've watched 3 of the 5 Videos I purchased so far and have taken extensive notes. This weekend was the first time I went out and took an image and came home and put your methods to use. WOW is all I can say!!! Finally!!!! I was finally able to make targeted/localized custom adjustments for what I wanted to achieve and I finally feel like I got over the hump! I have a long long way to go and a lot more to learn, but in the meantime I owe you a huge thanks! I know I'm not supposed to shoot for other photographers, but the image I took this weekend reached the highest point on 500px that I have ever reached. A freaking 97! It feels awesome man! Thank you so much for the great videos and all that you do." Shawn Lowrey

RECENT REVIEWS / TESTIMONIALS FOR: "THE ULTIMATE SHARPENING WORKFLOW FOR FINE ART PRINTING": "Mark, your ultimate sharpening video was absolutely awesome! I had no idea about capture sharpening whatsoever! I used to just sharpen after post but the difference is staggering when blowing up prints! I used your techniques for my first metal print sold! 16x24 looks amazing! While I'm sure you are used to making much larger prints, I imagine had I printed the image much larger the excellent sharpness would still have been there!" Jason Chong

Mark, I just had 9 photos printed that will be on display for three months at the Jacksonville airport. Size ranges from 16x24 to 40x60. I processed them using your video tutorials and personal instruction. They look absolutely PERFECT! Thanks man!" Chris Moore (Florida) "Mark does it again with an incredible sharpening video that shows, from start to finish, the very best way, in the known universe, to sharpen fine art prints and enlargements of all sizes. I only wish this video was out on the market 6 years ago! It would have saved me so much trial and error, precious time and money. A nearly 4 hour video for just $59 is one of the best values I have ever seen. I will need no more sharpening instruction and am getting incredible results already. Thanks for sharing the truly unprecedented mastery of your craft!" Chuck Couture (Gallery Photographer Las Vegas)

"Thank you Mark. I would have never learned these techniques if it wasn't for your tutorials. Your incredible knowledge on the subject and willingness to share it, is a breath of fresh air and very much appreciated. Because I spend all of my spare time in the field shooting, I honestly don't have the time to devote to learning all of this from the ground up. Your tutorials have been a huge benefit to me and for anyone like myself. Thanks again Mark!" Onward, Ryan Miller

"Mark, I just watched your new ULTIMATE SHARPENING video tutorial and I am amazed at your knowledge and expertise in this area. I have bought many video tutorials over the years and even belonged to the top online Photoshop instructional/educational sites and I have to say I think your new video is going to be a huge success! I don't know how you learn everything there is out there to know about a subject and then distill it down to an easy, real world practical application but you do an awesome job at that. A great teacher. A very sincere thank you!" Josh Barta (Las Vegas)

"Hi Mark. Let me say your new Sharpening Tutorial is just AWESOME and they get better each time (even the first ones were great). Very clear and straight forward and packed full of information. Very well done. Thank you!" Bill Reid

"I really enjoy your stuff. Thank you for sharing your information and experience with us. Your videos have really opened my mind to so many more possibilities that can be done. Keep going!" Alexandre Ehrhard

Ok, I just finished the "ULTIMATE SHARPENING workflow for fine art printing" video and have to applaud your amazing talent of helping us fine art photographers step up to masterful sharpening. I had a lot of ideas of what might be the best approach but after watching your video I now know I was wrong! Literally, I am now getting such a better sharp, incredibly detailed look to my enlargements that I am profoundly thankful that I saw this video mentioned on your Facebook page. Keep up on with the instructional videos. You are really on to something. I predict in the next few years your name for these kinds of educational materials is going to blow up and become famous." Sincerely, Nick Diggens

"Hey Mark, I just want to thank you for your new video tutorial on sharpening. Another home run! Each video just keeps getting better. I tried the workflow on some new gallery prints. I mean some really big ones and I did not think they could retail the detail and quality I needed. Well, they look absolutely fabulous! I printed them at your lab that you suggested, Infinity Images ( in Portland and they got done in less than a week and my clients were just blown away. I was too! We did 3 - 73.5 inch prints off the Canon 5D Mark 2 and I did not even use the best lens or f/stop. These prints remind me of large format! Anyways, if there is anything I can do to get the word out to other photographers let me know. I have been in the printing business for decades, so send them my email address and I will tell them first hand how awesome your sharpeneing techniques are. The best in the biz!" Sincerely, John Alexander

"Mark, what I love about your new Ultimate Sharpening video is that you have taken it all in and give us the very best real world approach to sharpening for fine art printing. You have the whole down but also you give away a tremendous amount of critical small details! Like, I had no idea that 25% was the very best viewing distance in Photoshop to evaluate sharpening with the higher resolution prints like my ink-jet's 360 ppi. I have come across a lot of misinformation on the net about it being 50%. Now that I have tried it, I totally agree with you and also Bruce Fraser the greatest sharpening guru, in whom you quote! Much better results, end of story! I do, as you advise use 50% for the slightly lower resolution images, like 200 ppi. I also love that this video is conducive to the beginner, intermediate, advanced and even MASTER photographer. I can take it all in or just apply the simple basics. Very easy to understand. Lastly, I now see no need for third party sharpening software whatsoever! It is, and always has been right there in Photoshop. Thank you for the guts to pull it all out!" Sincerely, Joseph Taub (Texas)

"I just want to say that I have now really put to test your little secret tip about capture sharpening using the very special deconvolution algorithm in Camera Raw and Lightroom. I had read on another Photoshop teachers website (a sort of "guru" in his own right) that he did not advocate capture sharpening. It seemed that he did not, but did not know why. I think he likely had never done all the testing that you have. Well, I have now tested it out rigorously on a wide variety of images and, just like you, I am emphatically seeing AT LEAST a 10% overall improvement of more REAL, fine detail in my prints! That is without even applying all your other tips yet! I cannot believe how many people just throw that 10% away without knowing it, never to get it back again! If you don't win some sort of award for the content of this video, I will be surprised". Tony Carin

"I just got my copy of this and can't wait to watch it! Based on Mark's previous videos, this should be just awesome! When Mark sets out to learn something, he goes ALL-IN, like OBSESSIVE, until he's absolutely mastered it - he simply doesn't settle for anything less than the best!" Sincerely, Dr. Charles Payet (North Carolina)


"Hi Mark I've worked through your first RAW video and found it EXCELLENT and very informative! Thank you very much." Ray Jennings

"Mark, I have watched the setting up Camera Raw part of the video and am LOVING them so far! Your voice and speaking style keep the viewer locked in. So many tutorials are so blah that even the good information gets lost in the presentation. I think in the "talents and gifts" arena you are spot on using yours brother!" Bob

"Mark, I've enjoyed and am enlightened by the "Blend if" tutorials. Excellent!!! I am looking forward to your other titles. Thanks." Steve Camp;Lisa Barnhill

Matt Kocin said: "I have both the blending and the RAW processing videos, and while both are great. The RAW processing tutorials have probably made the biggest and best addition to my photography post processing techniques since I started post processing my photos! Such a large difference that I actually started going back and re-editing old photos. So, just wanted to say thank you so much! If anyone is hesitant about picking these up, don't be!!!"

"I've seen the videos and they are fantastic! I understood everything perfectly. You are an excellent teacher! I look forward to the next video." All the best, Senén Medina Fernández (Canary Islands, Spain)

"I am so glad you are finally selling these videos! The first one "Blending for Dynamic Range Made Easy - Blend If" is exactly what I have been needing to take my blending skills to the next level! This technique is so much easier than the complicated layer masks I have been using and I cannot believe how powerful it is. A very sincere thank you for sharing your top shelf Photoshop expertise with us. You are truly a digital imaging specialist and I predict that your videos are going to be a huge hit!" Nick Diggins" (Nevada, USA)

Mitchell Derr said: "Mark, I have to say your RAW processing video was really good! I cant wait to see the Lightroom and Blending ones! Thanks. "I am a private Skype student of Marks and last week he showed me this technique via an online lesson and, literally, my jaw dropped to the floor! My immediate reply was 'Wow, that is going to save me countless of hours!' If one wants to use complicated masking, that is perfectly fine, but honestly I don't see the need anymore." 

"I have had the opportunity to learn Camera Raw from you in person.... Your skills and knowledge have transformed the potential of my photos! I HIGHLY recommend anybody who wants to take their raw-photo processing to the next, rather the highest level possible, to get the video tutorial entitled "Mastering Adobe Camera Raw", or "Mastering Adobe Lightroom"!!! Thanks again Mark!! You rock!" Josh Barta (about "Mastering Adobe Camera Raw)

"I just got through the whole video. Phenomenal stuff! Please let me know when your 'The Ultimate Sharpening Workflow for Fine Art Printing' and your 'Mastering Adobe Camera Raw' episodes are done. I’ll pick those up also. The other one I’d be interested in would be your 'Depth of Field / Focus Bracketing Made Easy'. I’ve been watching your posts online regarding that." Luke Tingly (Iowa, USA) "I downloaded your lesson really easily today. I'm beyond impressed with the tutorial. I didn't realize half of what could be done in Raw! I'm really excited to do more tutorial work with you (via your online Skype lessons) yet for me this video method is a fantastic way to start. Thank you very much for your time." Andrew Waddington (UK)

"Excellent videos!!! Truly amazing how intuitive and simple it is to use "Blend-If"! It hasn't been but maybe a year since I've really applied myself to landscape photography (and more so with Photoshop editing) and these video are a tremendous help!!! I look forward to checking out some of your other videos, esp, as I work to further my photography and editing skills." Cheers, Nathanael Herrera (Tallahassee, FL)

"I received your new video tutorial downloads. I watched the "Blending For Dynamic Range Made Easy - Blend IF." Dude! They are excellent!!! You really were articulate and explained it at just the right speed. Very, very good job! Thanks so much for sending them. I appreciate it... I'm telling you, as people catch on, these are going to be a huge success! Your price point is perfect. Those sliders are so freaking powerful. I never really could see how these worked before. I cant even imagine ever trying to work w complicated masks, uggggg. Seems sloppy compared to "Blend- If". Mike

"I really enjoyed your new video: "Blending For Dynamic Range Made Easy - Blend If" - AWESOME! A ton of improvements over your first, rough version. Nice job! I look forward to more..." Paul Beiser

"A HUGE thank you Mark! I am benefiting tremendously from your help. I'll be looking for more video tutorials in the future." Onward, Ryan

"GREAT video tutorial mark, the best I have seen yet! I look forward to the LAB video." Paul Weston

"I would like to say thank you very much for your GREAT job on the video tutorial for Adobe camera RAW. You did a great job. You explained everything very well and it was easy to understand". Roland “Bill” Moser

"I bought and watched the Orton/Glow video last week, Mark did an awesome job showing many techniques for adding glow without just following a recipe. I have a much better understanding of the techniques than if he had just said "Do A, then B, then C". I spent a bunch of time just playing with some images yesterday, with varying types and amounts of glow, and localizing them to specific areas. Well worth the money!" Kyle Jones


"Why should you buy the Orton Glow Effects video from Mark Metternich? If you want to understand and apply precise Orton effects that are better customized for your photo, then you need to get this video! No more “Generic Orton” for me. This video has helped me understand advanced concepts of this area and I have been able to selectively, with far more precision than before, apply the effect in targeted fine areas. I no longer have to apply a global effect bluntly." Jason Chong


1. "Photoshop RAW Smart Objects Basics 1" (coming VERY SOON!)

2. "Photoshop BASICS (Part 2)" 3. "Lightroom BASICS"

4. "Adobe Camera Raw BASICS"

5. "Long Exposure Landscape Photography"

6. "Mastering BASIC Masking Techniques (in Raw and Photoshop)"

7. "Mastering Advanced Masking (in Raw and Photoshop)"

8. "Color Management Made Easy"

9. "LAB Mode - a Secret Weapon for Post-Processing and Color"

10. “Mastering Black and White Processing”

11. “All Things Skewed” (warping, bloating, puckering, stretching, skewing, shifting, perspective blending...)

12. “In the Field Shooting Tips 1"

13. "Advanced Scouting with Google Earth and GPS"

14. "Mastering Composition in Landscape Photography"


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