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Post-Processing of your image to prepare for various outputs including web and print.

For over a decade and a half Mark Metternich has been one of a few, highly sought after, cutting edge, digital imaging specialists (post-processing) producing countless thousands of world-class fine art gallery enlargements of every size and enuumerable outputs for his clients and his own work.

Along with producing his own work, Mark works full time for high-end galleries, museums, artists, photographers, institutions, companies and various individuals around the world.

He works for some of the most successful artists and entities in the art world commonly under strict confidentiality agreement.

If you want to create the highest quality output for your images for web or print Mark is one of the few true experts.

Send him a request to have a conference about your specific needs.

Post processing services $125-$200 / hr
* (2 hour minimum) 



Live video screen share with a MP4 Video of the lessons afterward (Skype screen sharing).

Mark Metternich is one of the worlds top photography, post-processing specialists and print master teachers.  

With over 20 years of full time intensive study and practical application mastering all things post-processing (Lightroom, Camera Raw, Photoshop and other cutting edge photography related software...) very few people have the combination of both elite level expertise, and teaching skillsets. 

No one in the world is teaching either the caliber of quality fine art processing or print making skills Mark and Robert B Park (of Nevada Art Printers) teach!

The internet is so full of misinformation and far too often from popular, seemingly knowledgable, authoritative teachers.  In contrast, these private lessons are for those who want only the guaranteed BEST!  All topics open.  

Complete beginner, intermediate or even highly advanced students are all welcome, alike. 

LEARNING FROM THE EXPERT:  If you want to work on a specific photo(s) to prepare for fine art print or web/display/social media or you want to increase your individual/specific skill sets and learn more about the awesome, cutting edge tools of post-processing and photography this is the perfect opportunity to learn direct, from the expert! Mark is liberal in giving students as much as he can. 


Mark teaching at The Ultimate Fine Art Printing Workshop (Las Vegas) with master printer Robert B. Park


During these private, one-on-one video conferencing lessons Mark shares his screen, allowing students to see and hear live instruction tailored very specifically to their goals.  As much Q and A as the student wants is addressed, as you communicate together through the specific techniques and workflow. 

For the passionate or serious photographer, Marks private custom instruction is singly the most valuable and efficient method of learning not only the software and techniques, but also the rationale and "thinking" behind the art and processes.

All instruction/curriculum is completely customized specifically to your prioritized wants, needs and goals! All Private Skype Lessons are recorded and available for download (so students can review as much as they desire) as MP4 Videos after the session (with no extra charge)!

All videos are strictly ©Copywritten and a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is required to teach the good stuff!

Image evaluation/critique/feedback, composition, file quality evaluation, all areas of consultation and so much more can be part of your customized lesson(s)! 

What you want and need to learn the most, is what you get! One on one, live Skype lessons are the very BEST way to dramatically shortcut the learning process and improve fast!  A lesson with Mark Metternich is much like 5+ top rated Video Tutorials, or more!  An invaluable investment.


1. Send me a Request for Booking (see BUTTON on this page). Or contact me.

2. Please designate that you are wanting either a Private Online Lesson or Post Processing Services.

3. After I receive the booking request (or communicate with you), we will set up a time. (If you would like a phone call before the online session to go over a few details of your requests, or you have questions, please put that in your booking request). You can also email me your goals.

4. If seeking online private lessons, I may send you a word document entitled “Fundamentals Keys To Mastering Post-Processing Workflow”  to help you better figure out what you may want or need to learn the most. We can discuss any number of other photography related subjects such as in-camera techniques, composition, critique, different software, and so much more... 

5. *After looking over the document, carefully outline your priorities (what you want and need to learn the most).

6. Make a list of any major questions you may have, to ask during our appointment!

7. Once a time is agreed upon I will have you send in your files (usually Raw) through Google Drive, Hightail, Dropbox,, We Send It... or other (they usually have free versions). Or email me for a Hightail link to be able to send me raw files easily.
8. I can (and MOST OFTEN ) teach using my own images that  best help exemplify the techniques needing to be learned. 

9. Lets go, let the fun begin! 


• A computer with microphone and a camera either external or built in.
• At least a moderate internet connection. Photoshop (preferable Photoshop 2022 ). Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw (the newest versions are always the best and highly recommended!).
• Please have the most current version of Skype downloaded.

*Post-production training for ANY type of photography is available.


• Is this instruction for beginners? 
Yes, this customized instruction is for beginners, intermediates, advanced or even highly advanced photographers. Your precious images will go beyond the next level of quality with comprehensive Post-Processing training! 

• Do we need to use our own image files or can we learn from files provided by Mark Metternich?  Files can be either your personal images or Mark’s. Mark has fabulous files ready to help exemplify the techniques or concepts.

• I do not currently use Skype, Zoom or any other screen share program? Is it safe?  YES, safe and EASY! 

I can walk you through the process of using Skype screen sharing and it is a safe /secure method of teaching which I have used for over a decade.

*Minimum of 2 hours

$125 hr.

Sometimes when demand is high prices rise. Please inquire about current rates.

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