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(Video conferencing, live video screen share, or (New) *Custom Video Tutorials!) 


With almost 20 years of intensive study and full-time practical application mastering and teaching all things Post-Processing (Lightroom, Camera Raw,  Photoshop, Capture One...) very few people have both the combination of expertise and teaching skills. The internet is FULL of misinformation and seemingly knowledgable teachers but this teaching/education is for those who want excellence.


If you are wanting to work on a specific photo(s) to prepare for fine art print or web/display or you want to increase your specific skill sets and learn more about the awesome tools of post-processing and photography this is the perfect opportunity to learn from the expert!  During these one-on-one video conferencing lessons (or Custom made Video Tutorials) Mark shares his screen, allowing students to see and hear live instruction tailored specifically to their goals.  As you communicate together through the workflow this is the most valuable and efficient method of learning not just the software but also the "thinking" and learning what is behind the art of the process. With the option of choosing a *Custom Video Tutorial (instead of a live Skype lesson) you can choose to receive a 90+ minute Video, packed with information to take your skills far beyond the next level. These Custom Video Tutorials are like buying several Video Tutorials, but all the instruction is Customized specifically to your exact goals.  

All Skype Lessons are recorded which are then available for download (and constant review) after the session (with no extra charge)!

*For Custom Tutorials catered to your specific goals, an initial short consultation by phone is required to carefully assess the specific agreed on goals and lesson curriculum before making the video. This exciting new option allows you to not have to attend a one on one, face to face Skype meeting (which some people may prefer) but simply request and receive an intensive Video Tutorial (Copywrited) with the customized instruction desired. 

Image critique, feedback on your images, and so much more can be part of your customized lesson(s)! 

Both one on one, live Skype lessons or Customized Video Tutorials are the BEST  way to shortcut the learning process and improve fast! 


1. Send me a Request for Booking (see BUTTON on this page).

2. Please designate if you are wanting a Private, one on one live screen sharing Skype lesson, or if you are wanting a Customized Video Tutorial.

3. After I receive the booking request I will email you to set up a time. (If you would like a phone call before the Skype session to go over details of your requests, or you have questions, please put that in your booking request).

4. I will send you a word document outlining “Fundamentals Keys for Mastering Post-Processing Workflow” that can help you better access what you may want or need to learn the most. We can discuss any number of other photography related subjects such as in-camera techniques, composition, critique, different software, and more... 

5. *Carefully outline your priorities (what you want and need to learn the most).

6. Make a list of any major questions you may have to ask during our appointment.

7. Once a time is agreed upon I will have you send in your files (usually Raw) through Google Drive, Hightail, Dropbox,, We Send It... or other (they usually have free versions). Or email me for an easy Hightail link to be able to send me raw files easily.

8. Or, I can easily use my own images to teach from.

9. If you choose to do a live Skype Lesson with me, during the lesson, I will share my screen with you using the "share screen" function in Skype so that you see exactly what I am doing on my screen and you hear me and we dialogue together.

*****The lesson is recorded and the copy-written MP4 video file sent to you after the lesson for no extra charge.

10. If you choose the new *Custom Video Tutorial option (instead of a Skype Lesson), we will set up a specific appointment time to discuss your specific goals for the Custom Tutorial, by phone.

Do (or get) as little or as many lessons that fit your specific goals and budget!

Then, PRACTICE!!!  :) 


Computer with microphone with a camera either external or built in. A moderate to fast internet connection. Photoshop (preferable Photoshop CC 2020 ). Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw (the newest versions are always the best and highly recommended!). *Please have the most current version of Skype downloaded.

*Post-production training for any type of photography is available.


•Is this instruction for beginners? 
This customized instruction is for beginners, intermediates or highly advanced photographers.  Your precious images will go beyond the next level with comprehensive Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw Photoshop training! 

•Do we need to use our own image files or can we learn from files provided by Mark Metternich?  Files can be either your personal images or Mark’s.

•I do not currently use Skype or any other screen share program? Is it safe? 
Yes, safe and EASY!  I can walk you through the process of using Skype/Screen share and it is a very safe secure method of teaching which I have used for over a decade.

*Minimum of 2 hours


Photo taken during The Ultimate Fine Art Printing Group Workshop with Mark Metternich and Robert B. Park

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