About Fine Art Printmaking

Fine art landscape photographer and veteran master printer, Mark Metternich has emerged as one of the top professional landscape photographers in this genre. Being originally mentored by one of the best (renowned landscape photographer Ken Duncan of Australia) then relentlessly forging his own way, Mark’s world-class imagery, mastery of printmaking and superior quality materials have made his exclusive Limited Edition fine art gallery prints very desirable.

Mark’s relentless drive toward excellence and thorough attention to detail have allowed his Limited Edition prints to set a high standard in photography today.

PRICES: (Proprietary Lumachrome HD Printing only):

24 inch: $1095

36 inch: $1395

40 inch: $1595

50 inch: $1795

60 inch: $2095

70 inch: $2495 LARGER, please inquire.

ABOUT THE PRINTS: *All images are Lumachrome HD Proprietary Printing. This is the best of the best color landscape paper (and mounting process) in the world today, bar none.

 *All images are face mounted to UV protected acrylic to encapsulate, protect and archive the image for many years to come. Lumachrome HD is rated at over 120 years archival!

*When bright windows and side-lighting is a consideration our LOW REFLECTION P99 UV acrylic is the best option available on the market.

*All images are back mounted to Komatex. This is the best backing material on the market today for longevity (even better than Dibond). The use of Komatex with its similar coefficients of expansion (face-mount to back-mount) both totally encapsulate the print and prevent any future warping.

*All images come with a back aluminum "inset" frame (bracing behind the image) so it can be immediately and conveniently hung (floating frame-less or with a custom outer frame).

*All images are designed to be hung and displayed frame-less, but for those who would like framing options a plethora of top quality options are available at cost (outsourced).

*There may be a required waiting period due to the unusually high standards of craftsmanship and the nature of printing and scrutinizing individual photographs.

*Photographs which are currently in our inventory will be shipped and delivered in 2-3 weeks. Images not in inventory (must be processed and carefully overseen by Mark) may take 3-6 weeks to be made, crated, shipped and delivered.

*Limited Edition Fine Art Prints are custom crated for protection and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

*Shipping prices vary depending on location. Clients pay for crating / shipping.

*Quality is guaranteed, balance is nonrefundable.

LUMACHROME HD: For the ultimate in quality and archival permanency we exclusively use the new and proprietary Lumachrome HD. It is the absolute premium, super gloss printing surface in the world. This superior photo paper boasts the most 3-D like quality, the most vivid colors (wider color gamut) outstanding print permanence (rated at over 120 years) best contrast ratio and the best detail and surface finish of any premium photo medium! This means that you get the best dimension, highest gloss, smoothest surface, most extended contrast, cleanest color, superior blacks, and whiter whites. Even without any UV protection, Lumachrome HD prints are rated at over 120 years (without fading or color shifting). With proper care, and UV protection you can be ensured that your Limited Edition print will stay outstanding for countless generations to come. Almost all photographers claim "top quality gallery prints" yet very few deliver the best materials in the industry.

LIMITED EDITION MASTER PRINTS: Limited Edition Master prints are world class, museum quality gallery prints produced strictly and exclusively in editions of 45 (the potential run of 7 Artist Proofs). "Limited Edition" means that when the last print is sold from the edition, no other prints will EVER be sold (although on a rare occasion a very small run of artist proofs may become available). These hand-produced, individually scrutinized prints are top of the top in every way, highly limited, and very exclusive. Every small step (from capture, through development, to print) has been masterfully and painstakingly worked using pioneering equipment, top materials, and revolutionary techniques. Each image is hand test printed many times and taken through an extremely rigorous color management and inspection process until perfected. Not only are all the processes performed with the highest level of quality and integrity, but these images are truly unique moments of nature, visually competitive at the highest level of the industry. Limited Edition prints can be a great investment, and grow substantially in value as the prices rise quickly when prints sell through the edition and fewer are available. Upon reaching the 97 percentile of the edition, images begin doubling in price.


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