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A major pioneer of digital fine art landscape photography, Mark Metternich has attracted a wide audience around the world with his award-winning stylistic approach to capturing the beauty of creation.

Having spent as much as 300 days a year on location seeking out unique compositions and wild adventure Mark has acquired expert knowledge of remote landscapes and now shares this knowledge by leading a unique brand of The Ultimate Photography Workshops which sell out year after year.

When Mark is not on location he spends his time producing post-processing training videos, teaches post-processing (via Skype online screen sharing) is a freelance contributor to many photography publications and podcasts, provides post-processing/print work for a wide variety of fine art clients as well as travels for public speaking and teaching engagements.

As a legendary digital imaging specialist and master gallery printmaker, Mark loves teaching as much as he enjoys producing fine art.

Mark Metternich’s fine art, limited edition luxury fine art is highly sought after and sold to a wide array of people, businesses, and organizations around the world.

A recent online article described Mark this way: "An immensely talented and intensely driven veteran landscape photographer with an astonishingly deep and accomplished portfolio, Mark has expertise that extends from advanced techniques in the field through to the production of museum-quality prints. He has developed many unique processing solutions that emphasize simplicity and efficiency and offers an extensive collection of excellent instructional videos on his website."


Fin at Twilight Canyon© 

(Not Horseshoe Bend)

A favorite remote location I seem to have pioneered photographically about 10 years ago and occasionally I take my Ultimate Southwest Workshops here. 

I have yet to see it photographed by anyone, and I have never seen another person out here after more visits than I can remember.



Humanitarian work is dear to Mark's heart and throughout the last 20 years, he has had a special connection to the work of Good Samaritan Ministries. Through this counseling based 501C3 organization Mark has traveled to Uganda many times and on one specific trip, he stayed over three months.

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