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Image: Gorge Delicacy©  Mark Metternich Photography, LLC. 

In light of the total delicacy and beauty some of us have had the opportunity to photograph in the Columbia River Gorge, and an almost infinite amount of other places in the US and around the world, I hope the devastating fires there and the recent hurricanes south of (and in) Florida, along with the flooding in Houston and such events... help us to realize it can all be gone in a blink of an eye. And even our very lives!

Why do I bring this up?

Life is more precious than we can know and these types of events remind me of that. THIS PHOTO reminds me of that!

I took this in the Columbia River Gorge a couple years ago and now we are not sure if it has been destroyed by fire and landslides. My mom was raised on the very river of the Columbia River Gorge, and I have been hiking it since I was a toddler. To see the incredible fires raging recently there (via the news) was heartbreaking.

I saw this information as I was displaced by the hurricane. I hope we all can really deepen our appreciation for nature, our lives, the people in our lives, and the world around us as these disasters can teach us how precious and vulnerable it all is.

Canon 11-24@11mm Wonderpana Circular Polarizer Sony A7R2 50 ISO 0.8 shutter Single frame Shot during the rain.

Thank you for looking.

Great light to you.



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After many attempts over the last 5 years I finally got to this special location in the Columbia River Gorge. Metlako, socked in by 150 foot cliffs would not show her glory easily! With back to back workshops this year, I only had a one day window of opportunity, before spring greens fade to brown and river levels drop. Long story short: a sprained ankle, blisters on my feet, tweaked knees, poison oak, tweaked lower back, cuts all over my arms, cuts all over my hands, bruises, bruised ribs from taking a fall down a steep face, pulled muscles, sore muscles and exhaustion from one of the most difficult 10 hour adventures I have yet done, finally got me there.

To help with scale, both waterfalls are approximately 100 feet high.