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"Rainbow Tree of Life" - Oregon

Exclusive Limited Edition of 45


Over the course of a year, this image took about 360 sunrises and sunsets (700+ shoots) to finally and painstakingly capture.

I was working behind the computer thinking about how much I would love to capture a magnificent rainbow in one of my pre planned scenic locations. My wife walked by and I complained to her about wanting to get an awesome rainbow, and not having done so yet. She simply remarked "God is going to give you your rainbow." She then walked off. I was struck by her words, and responded "Yes, He is!"

The next morning before going off to work, I checked the location during the sunrise lighting. As was the case for the last 359 or so days, the lighting was not right for the potential of the composition I was envisioning. I had had some good lighting a handful of times over the course of a year, but I was after something much more special. I wanted something truly awesome!

Just before finishing work that evening, a strong thunderstorm along with all its fury came through the local area and I began to get a strange feeling that something very special was going to happen with the light. I felt that I was going to get my shot, but I kept dismissed the idea, not wanting to get my hopes up.

I got off work at a perfect time to rush home and check out the nearby field and tree I had been targeting so aggressively. When I arrived at the location, the light was dull and lifeless and I saw no potential in the scene. I then totally dismissed the earlier "feeling."

Later in my RV, as I was getting ready for bed I decided to clean out a Tupperware container that I had accidentally left food in for an undisclosed number of months. My wife was not home and I did not want her to know about my utter lack of responsibility so I decided to break open the container to wash it by hand in the kitchen sink. The moment I opened the container the air in the kitchen became toxic! I ran to the front door and flung it open for ventilation. At that moment, what I saw outside was amazing. There was a golden diffused glow everywhere, drama in the sky and the sun was setting! Impulsively I grabbed my camera and without tying my shoes, in my bed clothes, I ran out of the RV, on a mission to get to my location as fast as I could.

On the way, as I ran across a fielded area, I suddenly heard in my heart these words: "I'm giving you your rainbow." Even though this amazed me, I dismissed it, choosing to focus on hurrying to my destination. I dismissed it much like I had previously dismissed the earlier "feeling." I dismissed it because, to believe it, and then potentially be let down would certainly make me wonder if I might be an idiot, or worse, schizophrenic! I simply took note of it, and rushed on.

After getting through a small forested area, I climbed over a fence, and stepped foot into a very large cleanly cut field of grass. This was the location that I had been targeting for the year.

As soon as I gazed at the scene, suddenly a double rainbow began to appear and quickly grow very intense! It blew my mind, as I quickly aimed my camera in a panic to capture such a majestic scene! In a frantic mad dash I clicked away image after image in every conceivable angle I could think of. After about 5 minutes of this adrenalinalized flurry, I took note that the rainbow was still as brilliant as it was when I had started. I then thought to myself to double check my cameras settings, take a deep breath and then shoot some very careful shots. Once I could not think of any other way of photographing the scene, I decided to put the camera down and simply enjoy the wonder and beauty. In all, the rainbow hung brilliantly for about 7 minutes, and then slowly faded off.

After getting back home my wife arrived and I relayed the story to her. After looking at all the images, we agreed that this photo was the best.

I hope you get blessed, as I was blessed by witnessing this awesome scene.