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"Ghost Tree 3" - Oregon

Exclusive Limited Edition of 45


After countless tens of miles scouting the Oregon Coast (maybe I should say hundreds) I recently found this very unique location.

The tree, according to theory, is about 2000 years old. Apparently, some scientists think that about 2000 years ago something cataclysmic happened that dropped a small portion of the Oregon Coast at least 25 feet straight down into the ocean. Land seemed to cover up the base of the tree(s) and a massive tsunami sheered them off entirely! They were covered up by ocean and it was a long standing legend of locals until last year (08) strong storm surf began to rid the underground dirt and sand and at lowest tides began to display these incredible tree stumps still rooted. To keep with the mysteriousness, awesome history and power of the place my client and I went for a maximum surrealistic approach.