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Mark's "Exclusive Edition" fine art Lumachrome prints are coveted and collected around the world.

For over a decade and a half Mark Metternich has been one of a few elite, highly sought after, cutting edge, digital imaging specialists (top-level post-processing services) producing countless thousands of world-class fine art gallery enlargements for high-end photography galleries and individuals around the world.

As an industry-leading educator who is very passionate about teaching all the intricacies of photography and post-processing, Mark co-leads the most comprehensive and cutting edge fine art printmaking workshop in the industry (with world-famous master print guru Robert B Park - Nevada Art Printers - Las Vegas - inventor of Lumachrome HD the best super gloss photo paper in the world) .

As an educator Mark also produces highly acclaimed post-processing instructional videos, teaches post-processing online (via Skype - screen sharing) contributes to a variety of reputable photography publications, loves teaching, public speaking and has won many awards over the years.

As a wild adventurer with a conservationist heart, Mark leads a unique brand of adventurous photography workshops across the US and abroad. His clients include world class photographers, senior officials in the U.S. government the Justice Department, countless medical doctors, high-level executives of prominent corporations, top scientists, engineers, professors, and all other clients from ALL walks of life.  

To purchase one of Mark Metternich's Exclusive Limited Edition pieces, for availability and pricing contact:  Sabrina@markmetternich.com

EXCLUSIVE EDITION MASTER ©LUMACHROME PRINTS: Highly Limited Master ©LUMACHROME prints are by far the best quality, museum-level gallery prints produced in the world. These prints far surpass the quality of all other super-gloss photo papers such as metal prints, Fuji flex acrylic mounts, inkjet printing... EXCLUSIVE EDITION prints are strictly and exclusively sold in very small editions.

"Exclusive Edition" means that when the last print is sold from the edition, no other prints will EVER be sold (although on a rare occasion some of the original artist proofs may become available). These hand-produced, individually developed and intensely scrutinized prints take days and even weeks to produce and are top of the top in every way.

Every small step (from capture, through every link in the entire development/processing chain, to print) has been masterfully and painstakingly worked using only the most pioneering equipment, exclusive materials, and revolutionary/proprietary techniques!

Each image is hand test printed countless times and taken through the most rigorous inspection and color management processes until perfected. Not only are all the processes performed with the highest level of quality and integrity (that few in the industry can achieve) but these images are also truly unique moments of nature, visually competitive at the highest level of the industry. 

Exclusive Edition prints are a great investment and grow substantially in value as the prices rise quickly when prints sell through the edition and fewer are available.
Most claim the highest quality, but very few actually produce it.

For more information email Sabrina@markmetternich.com

Mark’s unique artistry, total mastery from capture to printmaking and superior quality materials have made his exclusive limited edition fine art gallery pieces highly sought after and collected throughout the world.

Video Above: Making of the image © Fin At Twilight Canyon

(Not Horseshoe Bend)

A favorite remote location I seem to have pioneered photographically about 12 years ago and occasionally I take people to. 

I have yet to see it photographed by anyone, and I have never seen another person out here after more visits than I can remember.

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The connection to other and this work is dear to Mark's heart. Since he was a young child, Mark has had a special connection to the work and mission of Good Samaritan Ministries, Beaverton Oregon. 

Through this counseling and humanitarian-based 501C3 organization, Mark has traveled to Uganda many times and on one specific trip, he stayed over many months helping to support the work of helping orphaned children get an education.  

To read more about Mark's travels to Africa and the work of Good Samaritan click here


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