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Mark has over 14 years of intensive study and full time practical application mastering and teaching all things Post-Processing (Lightroom, Camera Raw and Photoshop). Very few others have both the combination of expertise and teaching skills.

Using Skype for online video chat sessions, Mark shares his screen, allowing students to see what he is doing as you communicate together. Lessons are recorded which are then available for download after the session (no extra charge)

COST:$75 per hour.  Minimum of 2 hours. (Can be broken into segments)


Computer with  microphone and camera either external or built in.

A moderate to fast internet connection. Photoshop (preferable Photoshop CC ).

Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw (newest versions are always best and highly recommended). *Post-production training for any type of photography is available.

*Post-production training for any type of photography is available.


1. Send me a Request for Booking.

2. Once I receive the booking request I will email you to set up a time.

3. I will send you a word document outlining “Fundamentals Keys for Mastering Workflow” that we can discuss.

4. Outline your priorities (what you want and need to learn the most).

5. Make a list of major questions and have available during our appointment.

6. Once a time is agreed upon I will have you send in your raw files through Hightail, Dropbox,, or other (they usually have free versions). Or email me for an easy Hightail link to be able to send me raw files easily.

7. During the lesson, I will “share” my screen using the share screen function in Skype so that you see what I am doing on my screen and you hear me and we dialogue together.

*****The lesson will be recorded and the MP4 video file sent to you after the lesson.

Do as little or as many lessons that fit your specific goals and budget.



Using Mark’s digital imaging files or you can easily send in your raw files to learn

Whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced professional photographer your precious images will go beyond the next level with comprehensive Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw Photoshop training!

Minimum 2 hours, $75 an hour

*If you do not have Skype download the most current version here: Skype Download

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